Looking at jeeter juice carts, famously known for their infused pre roll joints. Also it is a distillate cartridge line of jeeter, distributed by Dreamfield Farms and found in most California dispensaries. Jeeter juice cartridge can also be found in many shops in LA. I will be looking into the advantages and disadvantages of this cartridge.

* The oil last an average length
* Uses C-Cell M6T
* Above average length

* Long lasting high
* Uses botanic terpenes
* Artificial taste
Jeeter juice carts leaves a ton of opportunity to get better start from the breeze stream issues with the hardware to the unnecessarily artificial taste. The strength of this distillate can be improved as well. The use of natural terpenes is my most grounded issue with this cartridge.Buy funguy chocolate bars online for an amazing experience

Jeeter Juice Carts Packaging
The packaging looks similar to other famous carts such as sauce carts, choices carts, primal carts, push carts, honeyhouse carts just to name a few. Due to the recent rise in popularity of the jeeter brand, there are many fakes out right now thats why Jeeter juice carts packaging can be used to differentiate the fake and original jeeter carts. The packaging has the weight on it also the jeeter juice is at the top of the package. There is a stamp like logo of 100% jeeter juice on the package and a CA cannabis logo as well.

Jeeter Juice Carts Distillate
The distillate has little to no discoloration. It looks like the standard distillate oil like other distillate cartridges. The oil quality looks lighter and contains almost no impurities.

Effects Of Jeeter Juice Carts
The effects of this cartridges are long lasting and very strong, this cart is normally relaxing and uplifting. This distillate cartridge has a high potency and has some medical benefits against nerve pains and slight headaches. I’d recommend this distillate cartridge to the others because of its much better and strong effect and taste.